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Dubai, Paradise City

Dubai is a city formerly desert. There has been no high-rise buildings. This time is different. The Dubai government also built many luxury buildings with diverse fasilities. Dubai is also building made ​​some tree-shaped artificial island Palm.

In fact, there are also artificial islands, one of which shaped the earth's surface. It is not enough island, famous tourist attraction built on the artificial island. One of them is Atlantis which offers facilities like Water Bed and Poseidon Suites. Both are the most luxurious Atlantis.
If readers have never visited Dubai, of course, will be wondering and imagining about the existence of this city. Evening also looks more beautiful scenery. Decorated with lights that do not drain power a bit. There is also  building or tower Burj al Arab Emirates, this is the most luxurious hotel. Reaching 321 meters high building with 66 floors. Highest building functioned as a classy hotel.

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