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5 Waterfall Place in Bali

1. Gitgit Waterfall ( Singaraja )
This Waterfall located in the village Gitgit, sub Sukasada. From theSingaraja city located 11 km to the south toward the village Pancasari and Bedugul. Waterfall ± 35 meters altitude is very beautiful and has a beautiful panorama and is in the cool temperate environments.
From the car park, down by foot after passing through the parking lot Gitgit, some local youths organized by the local traditional villageoffers tours take the tourists to this beautiful waterfall.
2 Nungnung Waterfall ( Tabanan )

Nungnung is the name of a small village, situated 40 kilometers north of Denpasar. This village berhawa cool with a height of more or less 900 meters above the sea. Its location close to the villageeco tourism, Pelaga.
For the first time here and rent a car, it is advisable to hire the services of drivers, yes, because the road is quite confusing to get here. Team Ekuta must also be asked several times let me gethere. But thanks finally get to also.
In this village there is a waterfall that has a height of 50 meters witha fairly large water discharge. His name Nungnung Waterfall.

3. Les Waterfall ( Tejakula )

Les Waterfall is located in the village of Les District Tejakula, ± 38 km east of Singaraja City. Waterfall reaches a height of approximately 30 meters, surrounded by an unspoiled naturalscenery with hills background. Besides the waterfall, the village alsohas a potential of not less interesting as the village of Les beachlocated on the north not far from this waterfall which has a beautiful underwater scenery.

4. Melanting Waterfall ( Singaraja )

Waterfalls as high as approximately 20 meters is located in the midst of coffee and clove forest in eastern end of the village of Banjar district Munduk. Splashing water and the sound of smallbirds and grasshoppers combined with a secluded atmosphere gives the impression to visitors that come naturally. Apart from the potential of waterfalls and Lake Tamblingan, Munduk village is rich in other potential such as coffee plantations and like citrus and flower plantations, rice fields exotic highly favored by tourists for trekking.

5. Sekumpul Waterfall
This waterfall is hidden among the thick jungle. The height of this waterfall, is estimated to reach 150 yards. To reach the centralwaterfall This strong extra power is needed and caution. Terrain isquite heavy and had to descend 365 stairs. However, for the hobbyist nature trips, waterfalls sekumpul could be a goal to test theadrenaline.

If you've arrived at the center of the waterfall, would be struck by thecharm of the waterfall sekumpul and travel fatigue in heavy terrain,can be remedied. Because of the high tourist sites, water dropletsflying in all directions like a wet rain to make the visitors.

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